Higher Education Standards Training

With the nature and cycle of appointments to the relevant boards and committees, it becomes pertinent that the new members are provided support in fully conceptualising and keeping up to speed with the standards, key policy measures, and compliance processes.

The sessions are organised at your premises with mutual arrangement.

We have, accordingly, developed half and full-day workshop/induction sessions that are extremely beneficial for all the new members.

The program typically covers;

  • Purpose, context, and plan for the application
  • Charter and terms of reference
  • The Governance Framework
  • Overview of the HE sector
  • Introduction: Higher Education Standards Framework
  • Breakdown of each compliance Domain
  • Key policy initiatives
  • Institution program-specific overview

The above can be tailored for different boards and committees based on their terms of reference, and specific requirements.

Staff Training

We also provide similar training sessions for operational, administrative, and academic staff.

New and specific training programs can also be developed based on their relevant needs and requirements.

Online Training

We can also build online training programs for staff induction and continuous professional development.

The program can be loaded on a company server – or a cloud server – and can also be made available to staff off-site (e.g. newly appointed staff).

We provide both content and development solutions in one package.

Cost: To be quoted based on venue/location, time, and number of participants. Interstate workshops will incur additional travel costs.

Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.