RTO compliance is a continuous and quality-oriented process that incorporates all the operational areas of an RTO.

We assist RTOs in maintaining and improving compliance through implementation of quality processes and procedures that automatically generate compliance evidences in day-to-day operations. We believe that compliance is not a separate regulatory matter but an integral part of everyday operations.

We extend our assistance in both VET Quality Framework (VQF)/Standards for RTOs 2015 (SRTOs), and CRICOS compliance regimes;

  • Reviewing existing systems and processes and making recommendations for improvements
  • Developing and implementing new RTO compliance systems
  • Training staff and conducting in-house professional development workshops
  • Organising and managing course validation meetings
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Establishing the required review and working committees

Our consultants are highly qualified, motivated, and have years of experience in assisting private and enterprise RTOs in the above areas. We also network with other professionals and can arrange expert advice in specific focus areas if needed.

ASQA Audit Preparation and Resolution

We assist quality-driven RTOs in developing an audit strategy that not only prepares for a range of compliance audits, but also helps maintain compliance at an optimal level.

We understand that sometimes audit outcomes can be adverse for even good RTOs. We have been assisting RTOs in need of urgent advice and ASQA audit resolutions. From RTO policies, procedures and documents to assessment systems, we can review and rapidly deploy new measures to prepare for an audit, and also undertake post-audit rectifications. Our quality requirement is that the RTO has maintained consistency, high-level of integrity, and student and training records in its operations.

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Internal Audit

We conduct formal and through internal audits (SRTOs 2015 & CRICOS) based on ASQA's audit approach and templates. Our auditors are qualified Lead Auditors and provide an opportunity to review the existing systems and improve the process in readiness for an external audit. Formal and detailed audit reports are provided with suggestions/recommendations for addressing the non-compliance, if any. The internal audit process involves;

  • Audit Purpose and Schedule
  • Audit Plan and Scope (Notice of Audit)
  • On-Site Audit
  • Audit Report with Recommendations

    Opening and exit meetings are held on the scheduled days to provide an overview and summary of findings.

    Internal audits must at least be conducted once a year as an RTO's quality and continuous improvement plan.

    Contact us to arrange meeting to discuss your specific requirements.

  • We offer a range of RTO registration and management services, including RTO scope extension, RTO renewal, new RTO registration, CRICOS registration, RTO capacity, internal audits, strategic and business planning and business expansion. See our RTO Compliance and Management section for more details.