We provide a range of consulting and advisory services to new and existing RTOs including re-registration, scope extension (RTO and CRICOS), new RTO registration, new CRICOS registration (The National Code 2018), ASQA audit preparation, internal reviews, and quality management. Also assisting clients with applications for Government funding (VIC & QLD) for VET and foundation skill courses.

RTO compliance has become critical in view of the recent changes in the regulatory requirements coming in force from 31 July 2018 for new registrations - See ASQA's page - including ASQA's directive to randomly and spot audit current CRICOS registered RTOs in 2018-2019. Our consultancy services include practical and professional advice and solutions for RTOs, CRICOS providers, and ELICOS providers.

We aim to equip the RTOs with compliance knowledge and skills to develop a high-level and effective compliance culture that helps them become audit-ready at any time;

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We develop and contextualise RTO policies, procedures, forms, registers, and a range of documents that integrate with actual on-the-ground everyday operations. Based on numerous review and audit experience, we have developed area/operation specific quality processes that provide a unique advantage in both establishing and improving RTO operations.

For current RTOS, we can streamline the existing documents and also develop new policies and procedures to address new compliance areas.

NEW RTOs can avail our COMPLETE package of an RTO system that can be customised and branded to their RTO for an easy and an effective implementation. all documents are mapped to the relevant standards and include audit evidence guides.

Policy documents supporting the new NATIONAL CODE 2018 are now available.

We facilitation staff professional development, induction, and Coaching sessions delivered at your RTO. Topics and areas include the regulatory framework, assessment validation, RPL, delivery strategies and RTO management.

More information in: RTO Doc & SystemIn-House PD

We conduct formal internal audits and reviews emulating external (e.g. ASQA) audits. Our audit templates cover all the checklists as per ASQA's audit tools/templates. Comprehensive audit reports are provided with suggestions for improvements and resolution of any non-compliance noted.

Most audits are evidence-based, using the sampling method.

Most audits are conducted on the premises. However, desktop audits can also be arranged for documents and evidences review.

For more information, visit the Internal Audits section in this website.

Strategic and business planning are not only compliance initiatives but also provide purpose, structure, and a road map to organisations for achieve their intended goals and objectives. For the plans to be effective, they need to be realistic, constantly evolving, and align with business vision and operational realities. We, therefore, write dynamic strategic and business plans that can be effectively implemented and monitored.

A strategic plan helps determine the future direction of the organisation, its competitive position in the market and means by which it is going to achieve and realise its business objectives. A business plan is more focussd on a specific product or service area and achieving intended business goals.

More information in: Strategic and business planning or contact us to discuss your planning needs.

For International providers, Standard 8 (National Code 2018) (formally Standard 9.4) allows providers to offer up to one-third (33%) of the course in any one academic term through online and distance education. This requires development of a specific training and assessment strategy, schedule, and assessments systems for an effective implementation. Not all the units are suitable for online delivery. Where needed, online component has to be supported by other modes of learning/delivery.

More information in: CRICOS registration or contact us to discuss viable solutions based on your RTO scope and training products.