We facilitate in-house professional development sessions for RTO administrative and academic staff.

In a constantly changing regulatory and industry environment, it is pertinent that RTO staff members, both administrative and academic, remain up-to-date with the latest compliance, knowledge, and skill requirements in their specific work area. While industry-specific PD can occur through a range of activities and interactions, we design and deliver targeted PD sessions aimed at meeting regulatory and quality requirements within the RTO. Sessions are planned in a workshop-based format and are highly interactive and practical.

Staff professional development is also an on-going compliance requirement under the VET Quality Framework.

We can tailor the PD sessions according to your RTO needs. Delivery options include;

  • Workshops: Face-to-face workshops conducted at your premises
  • Webinars: Delivered in a virtual, online video-conferencing environment

Webinars can be arranged at convenient time and also provide a recorded copy of the event for future use.

Some of the popular topic areas include;

  • Managing Student Life Cycle
  • Unlocking the RPL Potential
  • Effective Assessment Validations
  • Student Engagement and Training Design
  • Compliance and Audit Ready

We can also develop custom training and PD programs for staff members based on RTO needs that achieve the dual objective of improving staff efficiency and meeting professional development needs. Sessions times can be organised accordingly to staff availability and convenience, including evening and weekend sessions, if preferred.

All participants are provided with a letter of participation as a record of their professional development.

Please contact us to discuss your specific staff training and PD needs.