New and Aspiring Higher Education Providers

We suggest and develop distinct strategies for providers with dedicated higher education business goals, and those with existing VET operations wanting to become Higher Education Providers (dual-sector providers).

We adopt a risk-based approach to help develop and implement management, governance, quality and operational structures that provide a comprehensive model of compliance within the The Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF).

We can also project-manage the process and help you get through key milestones leading to a robust application, working closely with the relevant executive and governing bodies.

Our formal engagement broadly comprises of;

  • Discussion and project plan
  • Corporate structure and charters
  • Establishment of key frameworks
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Major planning documents
  • Establishment of QA processes
  • Meeting attendance and compliance (HESF) management
  • Curriculum development
  • Higher education course development
  • Application preparations

The preparatory process is wide-ranging and as such requires a substantial time frame from the planning stage to a final TEQSA application.

It should be noted that in spite of varied claims, there is no single system/solution that fits all. At the end of the process, all the documentation and structures of an institutions will be their own – and unique.

Existing Higher Education Providers (HEPs)

We assist with academic, QA, and governance reviews under the relevant directions/terms of the governing bodies and committees. Although our work is largely consultative in nature, we also undertake development and writing work.

We can particularly assist in;

  • Transition to the new Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF)
  • Internal audits
  • TEQSA audit preparation
  • HESF compliance advice to the relevant governing bodies
  • In-house PD and training (e.g. staff and new board/committee members)
  • Curriculum review and advice
  • Developing and establishing TQM processes
  • TEQSA applications

Contact us to discuss your vision and plan for a higher education institution.


Our consulting fee is project-based and quoted after an initial discussion. Rest assured, the fee is structured to align with key milestones and actual results.