Higher Education Governance

Ref: HESF Domain 6: Governance and Accountability

This Domain (Sections 6.1-6.3) is overarching in nature and forms a significant part of TEQSA’s review along with the relevant Domains 5 and 7.

Detailed information on HESF and the Domains can be found on TEQSA’s website here;

TEQSA: https://www.teqsa.gov.au/higher-education-standards-framework-2015

TEQSA has particularly stated under this domain;

Because of its overarching nature, the extent to which a provider demonstrates its capacity to meet the Standards of this Domain (along with Domains 5 and 7) as part of its ordinary business will be a significant factor in building TEQSA’s confidence about the provider’s capacity to meet and continue to meet the requirements of the HES Framework overall (TEQSA, 2018).

Accordingly, governance becomes an utmost priority (right from the start for new applicants), and must be implemented at the first stage to enable and facilitate further policy and development work.

Our Services

An effective and robust development and establishment of the Governance Framework is critical to application success. This Domain specifically entails;

  • Specification of an accountable governing body with some elaboration of its key governance roles
  • Specific corporate accountability to be demonstrated by the provider, which the governing body also assures itself are met
  • Requirements for academic governance oversight of a provider’s higher education activities

We assist in design and establishment of governance structures and bodies. Activities broadly include within the governance framework, development and implementation of;

  • Constitutional reviews and amendments
  • Governance charters
  • Terms of references
  • Corporate structure
  • Academic governance structure
  • Operational planning
  • Delegation
  • Quality assurance models/mechanisms

The above are undertaken under direction and purview of the prevalent charters and authorisation of the respective bodies.

The above services are available for both new/aspiring and the existing providers.

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Links to TEQSA guidance notes on Governance can be found on our HE Resources page.